Ananda Kumar

S. Ananda Kumar’s works of art span the two ends of the writing spectrum. He does painstaking and exhaustive research before he begins the process of writing. A keen observer and a careful listener, Ananda has the unique ability to express his thoughts in words through fiction. We all have heard about actors who immerse themselves in the roles they play; Ananda is one such person. He becomes one with his story’s characters. It gives the reader the feeling of “being there in the room” while the action unfolds in the book.   Born and raised in Chennai aka Madras, hRead More...


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Vanakkam Cosmos

Books by Ananda Kumar

“Man is a travelling social animal.”

This book has three well-constructed finely crafted stories to offer, all set in Namma Madras which is represented as an enigmatic microcosm of today’s world. The design of this book is predicated on the truism that human progress is the intractable notion of moving forward.The protagonists of the three stories accordingly endure an existential soul-searching journey that is equally physical and metaphorical in

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Following a Butterfly on a Busy Day

Books by S. Ananda Kumar

‘Regret is always tactless and irrefutable. After a productive day, we somehow seem to emphasize its negative connotations. One of the various reasons
behind such comportment is because we are forced to adapt a lifestyle that promises happiness to which self-loathing alone acts as its alibi. But happiness is a matter of perspective.’

The book starts off with a philosophical twist by incorporating regret, happiness, lif

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