Anuradha Iyer

Dr Anuradha Iyer is a Medical Doctor, MBBS and MD in Physiology. She teaches Physiology in a Medical College in Haryana. She is married and lives with her husband and her eighteen year old son named Vinayak.   This is her fourth book. Anuradha is a seeker, devotee, musician and loves to delve into deep spiritual truths with the simplicity, love and magic of a surrendered soul.Read More...


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The Power of Om Namah Shivaya

Books by Anuradha Iyer

Have you ever wondered about Shiva and His mysticism? Have the mythological stories around Shiva and Parvati and their two illustrious sons fascinated you? The Power of Om Namah Shivaya will simplify Shiva and His stories for you and make you fall in love with Him if you aren't already so. The path to enlightenment can be beautiful and simple when you chant Om Namah Shivaya. All your troubles will simply melt away and you will find His love. You will be blissf

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Books by Anuradha Iyer

Krishnapriya is a fictionalised account of her own journey and an overview of books she has read, enjoyed and profited from.

Krishnapriya is the soul of every woman who takes several births and gathers experiences through one body after another to experience pure love of Krishna, the eternal adolescent whose play is the Universe. Elevated Krishna devotees have declared that every soul that exists in the universe is femal

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