Ashutosh Srivastava

The writer of this book is a person from an industrially developed small town populated with rich people with a cheap mentality. The story is all about a boy trying to find love, when he didn’t knew the meaning of it, till he recognizes what love is. The story is all about his tries his lucky tries, his failed tries, his worthy tries and a few of his unworthy tries. He had unknowingly travelled on a path of recognizing himself, which somehow proved to be lucky for him. His life was a mess from every angle; he had a sem-back in his graduation; he was fat which made him look bad in the world we live in and he had a lot of temporary people in his life. His achievements were none; he was not sure of the goals in his life. He made a decision to become a writer, and on the way of becoming a writer, he achieved a lot of things in the same world. He earned respect, he earned love, he earned compliments and he earned too. He has been living all alone for last two years. He has written the major of his book in the food court of a mall. He would grab the table in the centre daily, where he sat for hours, depending upon his mood, over two cup of black coffee; black coffee was chosen because he was on a diet, which helped him to lose 30 kgs of weight. He chose to concentrate in a crowded place because of just one thought, “If I am able to learn how to concentrate and write in a crowded place, I might do wonders!” Read More...

I Cud Hav Had 17… But I Chose to Have 19 Chapters

Books by Ashutosh Srivastava

This is the story of a person who met a lot of temporary people in his life.

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