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CBSR Sharma

Prof. Sharma was born in the last village on the banks of Godavari on 2-11-1942. He lived and studied on islands between Godavari and Bay of Bengal until 1961, traveling 6–15 miles daily, either by foot or bicycle. He was the first Ph.D of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani [1968–9] and was under the influence of good people such as Professors B N Muley, B D Deshpande, S K Pillai, Ambuja Pillai, Gundu Rao and Mummyji [Mrs.Indumati Muley]. His friends, Surendra, Rama Rao, Subba Rao, Jayant Gupta and Pranab Ray helped him develop wider reading, public speaking and writing habits. After a post-Doc stint for 32 months at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, he joined as Lecturer in Berhampur University [1973], a Reader in Madurai University [1980] and a Professor in Bharathiar University [1985]. Fate drove him to Pondicherry Central University in 1987. He taught Natural Resources, Environmental Politics and Genetic Toxicology and lectured in 35 Universities. His research activity sums up to 6 projects, 8 Doctorates, 30 technical papers in the developed countries and 50 in India. Visiting USA, UK, Italy, Hungary, Thailand and Malaysia were great experiences and he missed the Oxford University in 2009. He tried to pass everything good to students. He is a lower-middle class agnostic believing in Darwin, Marx and Freud. His wife is his best friend and admirer. cbsr_sharma@yahoo.co.in Other Works by the Author 1. Environmental Genetic Toxicology in India, Environmental Mutagen Society of India, 1984 [Along with N. Panneerselvam and K. Arumikkili] 2. Ecography of Small Water Bodies, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, 1997 3. Ecological World Views (in Press, 2015) 4. So the Time Passed Away (in Press, 2016)

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