Chirajit Paul

Chirajit Paul is a chartered accountant by training, enterprise application specialist by profession, and a compulsive novelist. “The Man, the Ghost, and the Proposition of God” is his fourth novel.




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The man, the ghost, and the proposition of god

Books by Chirajit Paul

Apurba Sundar Sarkar, 43, dies in a road accident and goes to heaven. In heaven, he meets the members of ‘the conglomerate’ – the gods/ prophets of all religions he knows. He finds the conglomerate to be a mutual admiration society which claims to take collective (often unanimous) decisions in the ‘interest’ of mankind. Apurba cannot come to terms with his untimely death and pleads with the cong

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The Obituary of Salim Nabi

Books by Chirajit Paul

What happens when a Muslim youth in contemporary India gives shelter to an Islamic terrorist, falls in cross-community love with a politician’s daughter and reforms a hardline right wing political force? 

‘The Obituary of Salim Nabi’ by debutant author Chirajit Paul is a story of love, friendship, hatred, betrayal, terrorism, patriotism, diplomacy, politics revolving around the extraordinary life

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