Never in his wildest dream had Ashis planned to become an author. Instead, he always wanted to be something else. As they say, everything is pre-planned by destiny, and it is inescapable. For his entire life, he never craved to get attention or limelight, but his hidden talent eventually gave him the best opportunity to cement a name for himself. This special creation in the form of a book is proof that if someone determines to achieve something, nothing can stop him/her from accomplishing it.Read More...


Prince of Aryavrat

Books by Ashis Chirgun

Finally, the Prince of Aryavrat and Princess of Dravidanchal have had to born with their maximum human attributes to protect humanity. Where there is ambiguity, there is always luminosity. This book takes you on a tour of a million years ago in the utopian period where lives on earth were just sprouting. Selfishness, Jealousy, Lust and Ego, like ethos, were yet to develop in the minds of humans, but the constant fight between Gods and Demons was a matter of gr

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The Black Musk

By ASHIS CHIRGUN in Fantasy | Reads: 543 | Likes: 0

The year 2020 somewhere in India, Some young adventurous travel bloggers camped near a famous lake which is a popular tourist destination. After finishing their party at midnight, they slept. A young music enthusiastic-cum-travel blogger in his early twenties came out of his tent to pee outside amid  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 08:57 AM

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