Cyrus Bharucha

Pune, India

Written by an award winning TV producer who knows the good, the bad and the ugly of formal turpitude, terrorism and the television world. The Tigress Returns is an explosive action packed romp through three continents.


It’s 2004. The Taliban, in the earlier novel, Bollywood, Beds and Beyond had captured Shilpa Moray, known as the Tigress. In this new action-packed sequel, we follow the story of her escape from the hostile Taliban, her rescue by the British forces, and eventually, her being taken on by MI6 who trick her into acting as their special agent. Shilpa’s story takes us into the inner workings of the MI6, the CIA, TV news channels, the terrifying heartland of the Islamic terrorists and the brutal wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East as a TV reporter. But Shilpa is not just an agent; she is also a lover. Shilpa’s love affairs were always torrid ...

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