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Dipanjana Nath

A software engineer by profession and an author by passion, Dipanjana loves to pen down romantic novels and short stories during her free hours. After publishing Scandalous Disclosure, a romantic novel in 2015 and Unrequited, a collection of love stories in 2018, Dipanjana came up with her third book, Love Will Find a Way. Even after getting only a little time to nurture her passion, Dipanjana continues her journey as a writer and continues to chase her dream of reaching her readers’ minds. Love Will Find a Way is yet another effort from the author to captivate the reader’s mind aRead More...

Love Will Find a Way

Books by Dipanjana Nath

On a stormy midnight, sitting in a deserted airport, Molina’s mind dives into her past—the same silhouette flashes in front of her eyes yet again! Molina’s soul craves to see his face, but a message on her phone makes its way, interrupting her train of thoughts. The strange message baffles her, adding more surprises to her restless mind!

Will Molina get a chance to meet the person behind the silhouette? Whose message made her unnerved in the wee h

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Books by Dipanjana Nath

Would his expectations meet reality when obsessed-in-love Tuhin tries to get back to his long-lost girlfriend Debi’s life? Can a naïve animal show the care when Monisha is really in need of it? What happens when Shalini tries to get rid of a lecherous character who becomes a part of her day-to-day life? Would a Tomboy ever be able to save her true love? Or why did the thrust of Sheela’s anger drive her to a ruthless crime? Talking about her spine-chilling

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Scandalous Disclosure

Books by Dipanjana Nath

Sheela is about to fly to Chicago to study further, when a sudden bolt of lightning in her personal life throws things into disarray. The love of her life, Sunil, breaks up with her, while a close friend and ally, Andrew, is deeply in love with her.

With the help of her dear friends Dina and Frederick, Sheela braves all odds and lands up in Chicago for her higher studies, while living with her sister and brother-in-law, Pritha and Praveen. Enter the stab

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