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G S Sandhu

The author of this book Mr G S Sandhu is an engineer, by profession, with a post graduate degree from National College London; by passion, he is a qualified Therapeutic Yoga/Structural Health Practitioner from the world famous “Bihar School of Yoga”, Munger, Bihar. Yoga has been his interest right from childhood. Apart from attending several Yoga Camps, he has also attended two International Yoga Conferences held in 1992 and 2013. For more than thirty years he himself had suffered from backache, sciatica, lumbago, cervical spondylosis and other pains of the spine and joints. He has studied, in-depth, about the effect of yogic exercises in the treatment of various ailments especially in joint and muscular pain, which makes his book unique. He has also contributed several articles to the monthly journals of various organizations. a. An article on “Disability” appeared in the Lions club Chandigarh Greater Souvenir 2002–3 b. Health & Nutrition monthly magazine published his success story under the heading “Escape from Sciatica” in its February 2003 issue. c. An article on “What you ought to know about structural health” appeared in the Golden Years Souvenir of Chandigarh Senior Citizen’s Association in September 2006. d. “Yoga for Senior Citizens” appeared in the 13th volume of War Decorated News in July 2008—the official mouthpiece of the War Decorated India.

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