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George Abraham Pottamkulam

George was born to a large estate-owning family named Pottamkulam in the 1960s when plantation was the main trade. He says in 40 years while he grew up in comfort, the world in the estates changed, giving way to well-educated, diversified entrepreneurs from the plantations in South India. He started Plantation Tourism in 2003 using colonial bungalows. He has compiled Books on Plantation History- Souvenirs from the Past a coffee table book on bungalow’s in Travancore in 2005; and in 2011, Path to the Hills, a comprehensive history of plantation upon Western Ghats and tourism. Simultaneously, Read More...

Kerala A Journey in Time Part II

Books by George Abraham Pottamkulam

The book is a compilation of history more from the social perspective over the years written without any ideological baggage or political agenda for anyone who is interested in the history of Cochin and Central Kerala and its evolution. The book also briefly covers the geography of Kerala, literature, customs, culture, and religion. Kerala’s culture is a composite and cosmopolitan culture to which several people and races have made their significant contribu

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Tamilnadu A Journey in Time Part II

Books by George Abraham Pottamkulam

Stretching across nearly the entire width of peninsular India, the Vindhya Range symbolically divides the North and South. South of the Vindhya range lies a triangular-shaped mass of ancient rock, the Deccan Plateau, which slopes gently eastward towards the Bay of Bengal. Godavari, Krishna and the Cauvery are Southern rivers that originate in the rain-soaked peaks of the Western Ghats.

The Western Ghats Mountain Range or the Sahyadri Range begins South

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Tamilnadu A Journey in Time Part - 1

Books by George Abraham Pottamkulam

“This is the Land of One of the oldest living culture of the world, the Dravidians! They defined culture through their living! A culture which attracted innumerable people to this magical land, who live here, enmeshed through great teachings and scripted Epics that evolved a way of life.”

The History of the World has seen Men and Women born to change the course of our lives through their personalities. We call them role models. Time will honor th

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Lanterns on the Lanes

Books by George Abraham

“Religions have evolved as a way of life; doctrines may fade as we move towards spirituality on the road to God which is bright as the daylight"

In this simple compilation, I have pictured a few lives, showed us some light to carry us through in the pervasive dark days of human lives.

I believe that God all merciful sends his messengers to take up mission and as they work with the delicate in need.

There are many more in the shadows work

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