Giridhar Pai

Giridhar Pai is a senior management professional currently advising a company and also guiding the Indian pest control industry. He studied Forestry and Horticulture at university, after which he started his career as a Food Safety Manager. He has spent most of his career in services, heading businesses for two-thirds of his twenty-year stint in the pest control industry. Starting with online reviews, he has been writing for twenty years and initially used to share his content among family, friends, and acquaintances. He has been publishing on the professional networking site, LinkedIn, for thRead More...


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My Life in a Pandemic

Books by Giridhar Pai

In early 2020, few Indians watching the COVID-19 pandemic unfold globally may have thought about it spreading across India.  

As the COVID-19 cases started rising, the Indian government declared a 3-week lockdown in March 2020 and followed it up with four more over the next six months.

India had the most stringent lockdown globally for most of 2020 and this book looks closely at the lives of Indians during that year.

In 2020, video callin

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Life at Urbania

Books by Giridhar Pai

Would you like to know all the trees at the Urban Farming Zone? Or read about residents who recycle plastic, conserve water, and grow their own vegetables? And also learn about the different species of birds at Urbania?

This book answers all the above questions and more on living in Urbania. Researched over four years, the book is a kaleidoscope to life at Urbania and a handy guide to those relocating to the township.

Long-time residents of Urban

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