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Gopal Srinivasan

Gopal Srinivasan (born in 1944) is a graduate engineer by qualification and a post graduate in Industrial Management from Bombay University and an industrial manager by profession. He is on the Board of Directors of a large engineering company, GKW Limited, Kolkata. Being deeply spiritual by inclination, he is also the Managing Trustee of several religious and social Trusts. This book, which is the result of these dedicated studies, is meant mainly for those not familiar with classical Tamizh, and therefore interested in understanding the meaning of the verses in English.  The current booRead More...


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In Praise of Swāmi Vedānta Deśika

Books by Gopāl Śrīnivāsan

This year is the 751th birth anniversary (1268 AD- 1369 AD) of the famous poet, philosopher and dialectical genius, Swāmi Vedānta Deśika. He lived for 101 years. By the age of 20 he became proficient in all branches of spiritual knowledge. He had mastered the Vedās, Śāstrās and Āgamās and the Divya Prabandhams of the Āzhwārs. His forte was logic, poetry and philosophy.

He wrote extensively in Sanskrit, Tamizh, Prākrit and Manipravāla and co

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In Praise of  Śrī Rāmānujā

Books by Gopāl Srinivāsan

This year is the 1,000th birth anniversary of the famous Bhakti saint Śrī Rāmānujā. He lived for 120 years. He travelled the length and breadth of our vast country to preach his simple philosophy of loving God and surrendering to Him to attain liberation (moksha). This was not to be a preserve of the upper classes or the affluent. He touched every human being with whom he empathised and wanted all of them to be liberated.

Swami Vivekanand

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