Jayan Nair

Jayan Nair was born in Kerala and raised in Mumbai, India. He has been ‘floating around’ the Indian (and the US) IT Industry for the past twenty-plus years, and is currently a Managing Director for a leading global IT services company. He lives in Bangalore with his wife, two children and an unfulfilled dream of owning a cardamom spice plantation. Write to him on - jayan.nair@floatingexception.com Book Websites - www.floatingexception.com www.facebook.com/floatingexception

Floating Exception

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Venky doesn’t know what he is looking for. He belongs to a commonly found species native to the Indian subcontinent – the Indian software engineer. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy floating around in an IT company, with no particular aim in life … until his chance encounter with an astrologer on a train, who makes an unusual prediction.

Venky proves the astrologer wrong, with the support of his quirky boss, and a salesman who is bad at qualifying opportunities. Nothing deters Venky – not even an encounter with illegal immigrants or having to rescue a friend from French prison, or carrying tomatoes to Japan.

It all goes wrong with ‘The Assignment’. He is uprooted from his comfort zone – to a new industry, a new client and an unsupportive manager. In the cold Boston winter, it’s a fight for survival – to implement his ‘startup’ idea and to establish his credibility. Venky has help from a James Bond fan – a coding genius with a penchant for Hindi variable names. And then there is the amazing BeeMan.

Will Venky continue to ‘float’ around or will he emerge ‘exceptional’?

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