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Floating Exception

by Jayan Nair

Format: Paperback

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Venky doesn’t know what he is looking for. He belongs to a commonly found species native to the Indian subcontinent – the Indian software engineer. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy floating around in an IT company, with no particular aim in life … until his chance encounter with an astrologer on a train, who makes an unusual prediction.

Venky proves the astrologer wrong, with the support of his quirky boss, and a salesman who is bad at qualifying opportunities. Nothing deters Venky – not even an encounter with illegal immigrants or having to rescue a friend from French prison, or carrying tomatoes to Japan.

It all goes wrong with ‘The Assignment’. He is uprooted from his comfort zone – to a new industry, a new client and an unsupportive manager. In the cold Boston winter, it’s a fight for survival – to implement his ‘startup’ idea and to establish his credibility. Venky has help from a James Bond fan – a coding genius with a penchant for Hindi variable names. And then there is the amazing BeeMan.

Will Venky continue to ‘float’ around or will he emerge ‘exceptional’?

Jayan Nair was born in Kerala and raised in Mumbai, India. He has been ‘floating around’ the Indian (and the US) IT Industry for the past twenty-plus years, and is currently a Managing Director for a leading global IT services company. He lives in Bangalore with his wife, two children and an unfulfilled dream of owning a cardamom spice plantation.






Floating Exception





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