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Joyeeta NC


As an Indian female writer, creating Maya was a dream come true for Joyeeta. Maya is beautiful in her vulnerability, in her naivety and her overpowering passion for Anton. Although Maya dies at the very beginning when the story unfolds, it is her story from the beginning to the end. Joyeeta believes that every woman who has ever believed in the purity and innocence of love will shed a few tears for Maya. Maya is in all of us. She is us. Anton is a prisoner of his own personality. He is cold and calculative, sometimes to the point of callousness, although his witty veneer conceals it. He is botRead More...


The Sentenced

Books by Joyeeta N.Chowdhury

What if one of the protagonists of the story is also its chief antagonist? The Sentenced, a modern-day love story with a jarring twist, tells the tale of Maya, an alluring but naïve Indian woman, and Anton, an Italian Math professor. A lustful romance flourishes, much to the amusement of others and of Anton himself. Until the unexpected happens.

There are two other characters in this story whose inputs are valuable. One is Nafisa, Maya’s friend and c

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Angels have No Halo.

By Joyeeta NC in Romance | Reads: 467 | Likes: 0

                                                                 The Plea          It was one of those days, l  Read More...

Published on Jul 25,2017 08:18 PM

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