Karthik Sreeram Kannan

A Chartered Accountant student with a lifelong identity crisis and a thirst for giving the world stories that break the stereotypical approach, Karthik Sreeram looks to turn the tide by attempting to create a niche for himself after the debacle with his first book, The Ashes of the Prey. Hehopes that his big break is around the corner and that it takes him to a point where he wouldn’t need an introduction to be recognized.


Karthik Sreeram was one of the editor’s picks in the Litagram Short Story competition in a genre that is alien to his lifestyle, romance. So it was only obvious that he went to his usual bag of tricks, mystery thrillers. Karthik hopes that his books would be judged better than his dull bio and welcomes constructive criticism. 


Across the Silent Sands

Books by Karthik Sreeram Kannan

An army veteran admits to murdering his best friend and major during the Indo-China war. While the police write him off as a senile man who is on a nervous breakdown, the case is handed to the IRTF whose resolve to prove his innocence wanes thin as evidences pile up against him.

Around the same time, videos of women being brutally murdered start going viral on the internet. As the case is taken up by the IRTF, much to their horror, the murderer is provoked into challenging them by being more violent in his display of his disturbing skills on the increasing number of his victims.

When Akshaya Balakrishnan joins the Task Force, little do her colleagues expect that they will be blown away by her skills of deduction and presence of mind. With one determined woman, two sensational cases, Across the Silent Sands is an exploration of how the human mind can surprise and shock us all.

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The Ashes of the Prey

Books by Karthik Sreeram Kannan

The Ashes of the Prey is about a lawyer who gets into a pile of trouble after an accident and his wedding. The novel dramatizes the experience before and post his accidents. I don't want to disclose anymore on the novel as it may break the bubble.


Karthik Sreeram

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