Kedarnath GM

Traveler and motivational speaker
Traveler and motivational speaker

Kedarnath GM is an avid traveller, trekker, white-water rafter, filmmaker and motorcyclist. He has travelled extensively in India on his motorbike and crossed international borders, passing through 13 countries in the winter and covering a total distance of 18,000 kilometres on his trusted partner, a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc. His short film titled A Voyage on My Motorbike won the best film to promote world peace at the Rajasthan International Film Festival, 2016. He started his career with JSW Steel Ltd and has been associated with the organization for the past decade. He resides near HRead More...


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No Country Man

Books by Kedarnath GM

No Country Man…

He is a no country man;

No borders can stop him to love you.

He will ride through the horizons to meet you.
He is a no country man.

He calls his journey a voyage on the motorbike

His partner and his soul —
They are inseparable and made for a purpose —
The higher purpose.
He is a no country man.

He has no home, but finds one in every house.
He has no girlfriend, but every

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Dream to Ride around the World

Books by Kedarnath GM

What is the price you would pay to realize your dream?

In this book Dream to Ride around the World – A Voyage on My Motorbike, the traveler dives deeper into the thought of need for peace and love in the world by narrating his thrilling encounters with complete strangers during the six-month-duration motorbike ride. We follow the author, as he weaves stories of love, care and compassion shown in the eyes of the unknown people proving that commun

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