Madan Mohan Datta

Born in 1939 near Sialkot of Undivided India in an average family, I was always a brilliant student topping in class. My father was a pharmacist in jail department and was educated, intelligent and so was my mother. I studied at DAV college Ambala, topped and joined medical college Amritsar. I got surgical training at Patiala and my Master’s degree. Joined teaching job at Rohtak and then in Govt. hospitals for 15 years at Sunder Nagar HP, Ambala City and Cantt and resigned in 1978 to settle in private practice. I was married in 1968 having 2 daughters and a son, who are all highly placed Read More...


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Tales Of Bard Parker

Books by Madan Mohan Datta

“I located and dissected the testes in that massive tumour. It was like hunting and searching a
needle in a desert.”

“Dear, what is LBW?” asked my wife Kamal. I replied, “It is one way a batman is out in cricket. It is not libido below waist!” I teased her.
“Shut up!” She rebuked. “You, dirty old man!”

Events that make you smile and laugh, even in solitude.
You just won’t be able to put the book down.

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Scalpel That Heals

Books by Madan Mohan Datta

“You have to do it, Damn’it…” roared the boss… I held the scalpel with trembling hands… I moved forward after dropping the scalpel on the floor, looking stupid and clumsy. “Sister give him another knife…” - My maiden attempt to cut open a live human… a surgeon was born. 

It has taken 80 years of perspicacity to be able to pen a literary vision of my life - The life of a boy born in 1939 rising from a self-effacing family and his jou

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