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Mahendra kumar Namdev

Dr. Mahendra Kumar Namdeo, M.Sc. (Mathematics), Ph.D. (Social Science) was directly worked under the guidance of Bharat Ratna Nana Ji Deshmukh from July 1998 to December 2013. He worked as a residential social worker with his wife in a tribal village for six years, where the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee on 27th March 2003 and the then President Dr. A.P.L. Abdul Kalam on 6 th October 2005 visited to see the rural development works. He has more than 70 articles on rural and social development issues to his credit published in national and international journals, newspapers and conference proceedings. Currently working as a District Mission Manager in the National Rural Livelihood Mission.


ग्रामीण विकास का चित्रकूट मॉडल

Books by डॉ. महेन्द्र कुमार नामदेव

“चित्रकूट में दीनदयाल शोध सस्थान ग्राम्य विकास के एक अनूठे मॉडल को विकसित और क्रियान्वित कर रहा है। यह मॉडल देश के लिए सर्वथा उपयुक्त है। संस्थान को यह अहसास है कि राजनैतिक शक

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