Masni Mustafa

Masni Mustafa is a corporate coach, trainer and Human Resources consultant. She has been in the human resources fraternity for more than 20 years and has been instrumental in developing leaders and individuals.Read More...


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Leaders : As We See Them

Books by Masni Mustafa, Pcc

The content of this book is based on the author’s observations and collections of feedback from her clients. This book began as a short article written for the heads of her organisation and later, she felt it might be useful to share with others, particularly managers in organisations. 

This book, however, is not intended to be a heavy read although leadership is an extremely heavy subject, the author, nevertheless, hopes some of the points

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The Power of Self: Tools to Change Life and Build Self Power

Books by Masni Mustafa

The power of self is an exploratory book on the tools that we can use to assist us in our life journey and quest. Sometimes we fail to see our capabilities and inner strength that cause us to feel depressed and believe that the entire universe is unfair.

This book helps us to see there are ways for us to achieve our dreams and to harness our potentials. Let us dream big and achieve great things. The sky is the limit for those who believe in their own a

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Beautiful Mind

Books by Miracle


Life is not about winning

It is about living

It is not how good we fight

But how great we have become

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My Health Companion

Books by Masni

Those who are facing health issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes would definitely want to own this book.

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A Voice

Books by Masni Mustafa

A voice is about the realization that people nowadays do not care about respecting others and embracing good values. This book talks about integrating good values and self-leadership in order to develop better individuals whom will help develop others.

The concept and methods of inculcating the values are briefly discussed in this book to give some ideas of how the values can be developed.

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Books by Sirja Lara

Embun is set of poetry about a woman’s feelings. How she felt being deceived and only wanting the spouse to ask for an apology and promise to be loyal again.

It is a chronology of deceit, frustration, hope and finally a realization. Eventually she decided to be happy regardless of what had happened to her.

Embun is about normal everyday feelings of a betrayed p

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