Monika Mangal

“She is not a writer, she is a storyteller.” “A simple girl, born and brought up in a middle-class family where education is treated as a religion,” that is a gist of the author’s life. Since childhood, she lived to fulfil only one target, i.e., to get the highest marks in the class. Targets are meant to be achieved, but it is not necessary that they are achieved in reality. She was good but not good enough to get into a medical college. So she landed up at a decent engineering college. Just like all other students, she focused more on distractions than on studiesRead More...


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I Fell in Love and Landed Amongst the Stars

Books by Monika Mangal

Have you ever fallen in love?

Does it make you strong, or does it become your weakness?

What happens when it suddenly disappears from your life?

Manvi Sharma, the creator of Algaav, the number one magazine on social issues in India, is in her office trying to pass the few hours left till her big day. Unable to distract herself, she asks her secretary, Rosy, to call the reporter who had been trying to get an appointment with her the past two m

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