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Naman Porwal is a Chartered Accountant from Indore. His journey as an author began with a slew of personal experiences that led him to pen down his thoughts as quotes inspired by real life. His first book, Feelings of Mind Connected to Heart(Over 10000 Copies sold), was published when he was Seventeen years old. He believes that anyone can achieve anything through an equal balance of hard work and smart work. After getting an overwhelming response, Notion Press gave him an opportunity to present it in the Delhi World Book Fair 2019, where it was very well appreciated by young readers. This turRead More...


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I Still Love You

Books by Naman Porwal

Have you ever wondered if you had a chance to go in the past, what would you have done? Would you like to pause it, change it or delete it? Well, it's complicated. You can't decide even in million years. Have you ever wondered why? Because you can't go in the past. You can't do anything. You can't rewind it, you can't change it, you can't erase it, you can't delete it or you can’t even forget it. Your past remains trapped in the past. The only thing you

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Feelings of Mind Connected to Heart

Books by Naman Porwal

Every person we meet has a story of their own to narrate; every person has a love story of their own, a story that is special to them — an experience of falling in love as well as the highs, the lows and pain associated with that bittersweet feeling. This book deals with one such story, one of a boy who fell crazy in love. What eventually happened to that love story? Did his dreams come true? Or did those dreams face a bitter rejectio

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It was January and was raining in Shimla, and the weather forecast predicted snowfall in Mussoorie. We took an Innova. Shreyansh was placed with the driver to take responsibility for the trip. Shaheena and Aashi agreed to sit in the middle on my request, to let me seat with my Lilly. Ragini and I sa  Read More...

Published on Feb 19,2021 12:11 AM


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It is the extract from my newly launched romance fiction novel I Still Love You.  I woke up early in the morning. I sat in the balcony of the bamboo cottage and admired the beauty of nature. Hills were relaxing to the eyes. Sun had risen and I was able to see the sunlight. Ragini came out from   Read More...

Published on Mar 31,2020 01:45 PM

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