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Where Love Happens I love you the way you love rain

Author Name: Naman Porwal | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In the ethereal embrace of the mountains, amidst the whispering pines and cascading waterfalls, lies a journey that spans the chasm between longing and fulfilment, between despair and redemption.

Armaan's heart bears the weight of a love lost—a love that once ignited his soul with its fierce intensity, only to vanish like a wisp of smoke in the wind. But as he wanders the shadowed corridors of memory, haunted by the echoes of a past he cannot forget, fate intervenes in the form of Mia—a beacon of light in the darkness, a siren's call luring him back from the brink of despair.

As Armaan and Mia traverse the treacherous terrain of their emotions, their bond deepens, forged in the crucible of shared pain and longing. But just as they dare to dream of a future together, shadows from the past threaten to tear them apart once more, testing the limits of their love and resilience.

From the tranquil serenity of mountain vistas to the tumultuous storms of the heart, “Where Love Happens” is a spellbinding tale of love's timeless dance—a symphony of hope and despair, passion and betrayal, woven with threads of mystery and suspense that will leave readers spellbound until the very last page.

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Naman Porwal

Naman Porwal is not just a Chartered Accountant from Indore but also an accomplished author whose journey began with a tapestry of personal experiences. Drawing inspiration from real life events, he translated his thoughts into quotes, which laid the foundation for his debut book, “Feelings of Mind Connected to Heart,” a remarkable achievement considering he was only Seventeen years old at the time. With over 10,000 copies sold, the book resonated with readers and marked the inception of Naman's book writing. 

Following this success, Naman continued his literary exploration with his second book, “I Still Love You,” published in 2020. The book received significant acclaim, showcasing Naman's ability to capture the nuances of love and relationships.

Naman's philosophy revolves around the synergy of hard work and smart work, a belief he embodies in both his professional and creative pursuits. His work garnered attention to the extent that Notion Press offered him the opportunity to present his book at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2019, where it received enthusiastic praise from young readers. The book became one of Notion Press's bestsellers. 

Naman has not only achieved success as an author but has also been honoured at various award functions for his remarkable feat of publishing his first book at the young age of seventeen. His popularity extends beyond the literary realm, as he is known for his guitar skills and a passion for reading and writing. Readers and enthusiasts can connect with Naman Porwal on Instagram (@wherelovehappens) or via email ( His engaging narrative style and insightful perspectives continue to captivate audiences, making him a notable figure in the literary landscape.



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