Nilanko Mallik

Dr. Nilanko Mallik is an alumnus of erstwhile Presidency College, Kolkata (now Presidency University), and Arizona State University, USA. He earned his doctorate in the field of Neurolinguistics. His research interests are on Shakespeare in Performance, Neurolinguistics, Children's Literature. He publishes regularly in peer-reviewed journals, and has several book publications. He heads a cultural group, Shakespeare Youth Performances.

His book publications are listed inside.


He can be contacted by visiting and filling out the contact form there, or by emailing


A Companion Reader for HS English-B Class XII

Books by Nilanko Mallik

This book is for students who are in their 12th standard, under WBCHSE, and have English B as one of their subjects.

Key Features:

  • Explanation of all the lines of poems;
  • Vocabulary check for all prose lessons;
  • Thought bubbles and boxes, providing additional information for advanced learners;
  • Fully answered important topics for broad questions;
  • Many solved questions from WBCHSE Examination papers (2015-2018);
  • Ample matter for precis and comprehension practice;
  • Practice matter for report writing and letters;
  • Two sample papers for practice;
  • Discussion of project topics
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    Macbeth: Critically Annotated Shakespeare

    Books by Nilanko Mallik

    Macbeth: Critically Annotated Shakespeare provides detailed critical explanations of the lines, along with hints on performances.

    The 2nd edition adds more annotations to the already exhaustive annotations of the first edition.

    The book contains character-trait discussions and discussion of other issues, so that students will find lots of matter for academic needs! There is background information on the playwright and the times, about his works in general, and exploration of some topics related to the text.

    The book also contains pictures to enhance the knowledge of the readers and make the book a wonderful academic, and leisurely read, as well as a read for performers and directors.

    About the Editor

    Dr. Nilanko Mallik is an alumnus of erstwhile Presidency College (now, Presidency University), Kolkata, and Arizona State University (USA). His research is in the fields of Neurolinguistics and Shakespeare in performance. He has authored several books, the list of which is provided inside. He heads a drama group, Shakespeare Youth Performances. He has also published a work of fiction - Dawn Riders (Power Publishers, 2017), on the genre on magic/myth. His research can be read by visiting: and he can be contacted by filling out the contact form there, or by emailing

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