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Nilanko Mallik

Dr. Nilanko Mallik, an educator and researcher, is a former student of Presidency College, Kolkata (now Presidency University). He has authored Compact English Prosody and Figures of Speech (Macmillan India Ltd., 2009) and provided a foreword and critical introduction to Jespersen’s Growth and Structure of the English Language (Book Valley, 2010). His research is in the field of Neurolinguistics and Shakespeare in performance. He obtained his doctorate degree by researching Neurolinguistics as an Alternative Medicine in treatment of Aphasia (speech and language disorders). He has also been selected for research study at several prestigious UK Universities – Lancaster, Sheffield and Durham. His research papers are published in peer-reviewed international journals and he has given presentations in international conferences. His academic portfolio can be viewed at https://portfolio.interfolio.com/nilankomallik. Besides academics, Dr. Nilanko Mallik is deeply interested in music, and has taken several courses on western music (Theory of Music and Western Classical). He enjoys playing the piano

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