Nilesh Chogle

Mumbai, India

Born in Mumbai, India, in 1959, Nilesh Chogle grew up in the main city of Girgaum and then in the western suburbs of Vileparle. He pursued careers in Finance, Foreign Trade, Procurement and SCM, serving in leading Pharmaceutical MNCs. Right from his childhood, he garnered a dream of becoming accomplished in fine arts and creative writing. However, he realized that he must end the daily dilemma of earning his livelihood. He scripted himself to becoming one of those English language writers in India. After learning the art and craft of creative writing, he embarked on a journey to prove his writing skills and abilities. Ripe scenes from India, his journeys to foreign lands, and his own creative and observant mind, have given him an edge to witness life differently. He is also a vivid photographer, a fine artist, sketcher and painter. He has also studied astrology and palmistry to suit his interest needs. He loves to sing nostalgic Hindi numbers, both pop and semi-classical, from the golden era of the Hindi film industry. He can be approached on Facebook and LinkedIn. His Twitter handle: @6chogs1. His motto is “Live and let live”.


Sometimes you grow stronger in love than in the denial of it… Pooja was bold, electric and passionate. Robin was smart, intelligent and handsome. Yet there were some mysteries around them! She believed in her abilities and competencies. He believed in intelligence and hard work. She was his best friend, but was chased by a second man, Rajan, her father’s choice. Pooja and Robin’s love was electric, yet they lost and found each other repeatedly! An astro-palmist had predicted Pooja’s future life? Will it come true? An event happens in Singapore! Will their love be able to face the event i...

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