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Prashant is based in Pune born and brought up to the Panickar family. Being an average student in studies, he shone in football and extra-curricular activities during his childhood.He completed his under graduation and was trying to make a career in acting. Apart from engineering, his father was a theatre artist too, and that was the gravity pull for Prashant’s interest in acting. Due to the financial situation, he had to give up on his interests and walk forward to work in a small BPO. He worked harder to get into the management designation. The pandemic period inspired him to write a book Read More...


When The World Was Locked Down

Books by Prashant Panickar

"Extinction is the rule. Survival is the Exception". The Survival of the fittest proverb suited well before the pandemic struck the entire world. Even the strongest and richest were not been able to survive throughout the pandemic. The story of Rajan tells you that even the strongest and the bravest person who has survived every odd in life meets his biggest challenge in life. The journey of his life shook the entire community and those who felt helpless began

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The Journey

By Prashant Panickar in Romance | Reads: 1,655 | Likes: 7

It was 11pm in the night and i was waiting to catch my bus to get back home. I had a fight in the morning with my wife and the day in the office was equally bad. My manager had announced the onsite list for the new project and my name was not in the list. I was totally pissed off with the recent inc  Read More...

Published on Oct 28,2022 04:45 PM

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