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Premendra Priyadarshi

Premendra Priyadarshi, MD, MRCP (UK) is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and was working as a Consultant Physician in the National Health Service of UK before he decided to work full-time on this book. He is a life member of the Indian Archaeological Society and has read research papers regularly at its international conferences since 2011. He has written several books and several journal articles on Indian prehistory, particularly those based on the DNA studies of humans, animals and plants. His blog articles on the topics related to Rakhigarhi and other DNA studies prRead More...

Origin and Spread of Domestication and Farming

Books by Premendra Priyadarshi

They migrated not only with the language they spoke and their DNAs but also with their cows, bulls and buffaloes. With them went their dogs, chicken and goats. They carried with them the seeds of barley and rice and wheat. And the mice and shrews followed them. They spread the pottery and the figurines, the art and culture of India to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Israel and further west. 

This is the story of out-of-India migration of the farm

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