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Priya ranjana panjiyar Gupta, Indrani Panjiar, Beauty Panjiar

Priya Ranjana Panjiar Gupta, aged around 53 years, received MSc in Botany and LLB education . It was during the course of higher education that her cultural and literary activities came to the form. Main janam lena chahti hu (I want to be born), a play was composed and directed by her, was shown on stage under the banner of Nirman Kala Manch Natya Sanstha. Presently, she works as an office assistant in planning and development department. In the book presented, her poetry is from the period of 1984-96. These poems are influenced by the then problems happening in the social environment. IndraniRead More...


Books by प्रिय रंजना पंजियार गुप्ता, इन्द्राणी पंजियार, ब्यूटी पंजियार

प्रस्तूत पुस्तक 19 वी सदी के समसमायिक समस्याओं से जुड़ी हुयी है। महिलाओं एवं कमजोर वर्ग के उत्थान तथा सामाजिक कुरीतियो कें खिलाफ एक आवाज है। पुस्तक  हमारें परिवेंश का आइना हाती ह

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