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P.D.Vaid is the author of Obsessive Associations: You Will Find Yourself Here which was his first novel. His second book is View through Slit. Retired though meant not the ending of work life. Doing what he can do the best to his wisdom. Would keep making things up and writing them down. Welcome.


The author retired from active service a decade ago. Amidst the pandemic, he suddenly found that the spectre of uncertainty looms large. Writing is his passion; it revs up a kind of enthusiasm and helps him wear rose-tinted glasses, enabling him to see the world creatively. He has authored two books already: Obsessive Associations and View through Slit. Another story thus popped up in his mind, and he penned it down in the form of this book, presented to readers in all modesty.





Books by P.D.Vaid

The protagonist is a genial person with inherited virtuous values. He happens to go on a work assignment to a country on the African continent. He has a fascination for flora and fauna; one can easily presume him to be nemophilist. He has spare time during the weekends, when he loves to wander in the woods. Once, while in solitude, vivid memories of Elis, his muse of yesteryear, emerge, to give him the desired company. He conjures up a picture of her, with an

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View through Slit

Books by P.D. Vaid

Anuj had a brilliant mind on his young shoulders. He grew up without giving a damn about the vicissitudes of the future. He felt contented with his present; well qualified, a nice job compatible with his academic background and happily married. So, it is fair to say that he had a smooth sailing – a kind of life for which the stars had to be perfectly aligned. 

Looking at humanity in action, fascinated him more than anything else. He found the

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Obsessive Associations

Books by P.D.Vaid (Vaid Puran Dutt)

His most desired passion was to live each moment to the fullest before slipping into obliteration. His first crush was on the swimming coach. He remained at the threshold of falling in love with her. He reluctantly fell in love a second time and it culminated into marriage. He believed in the might of destiny and equally believed in his right to be in control of these moments. He resolved to ignore the all-powerful, invincible and mighty destiny.


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