Rajasekhar Kali Venkata

The author is an expert in Physical Education and Sports Sciences and is working with a reputed university in India. He has rich research experience in the areas of exercise and health, Yoga and health and has been invited as a speaker in various international and national conferences on physical education, exercise, sports science, health and allied fields. He is a long distance runner and an endurance cyclist. Ten doctorates have been awarded under his guidance in physical education, exercise science, yoga and health-related concepts. He has delivered more than five hundred speeches about Wellness Management at various high-level forums, including as an invited speaker at Healthy World Congress. He has two completed research projects on Yoga and health with international collaboration. His main research interests are immunity and exercise, special effects of long distance running, for both, recreational and professional, and ultra-long distance cycling, yoga and health, exercise nutrition, genetics and exercise performance, etc. He taught Exercise Physiology for Physical Education and Sports Sciences majors for nearly fifteen years before joining as Director for Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the Centre for Physical Fitness and Sports Sciences of School of Medical Sciences of University of Hyderabad.

Wellness Management

Books by Rajasekhar Kali Venkata

The science of wellness management contains all the essential ingredients of preventive strategies to make individuals healthy, fit and energetic and to make them lead a very meaningful life. Though the science is slightly complex in nature, the book provides all essential and vital elements of wellness management in the simplest manner possible. Since individuals have different domains with respect to life, it is essential to take care and manage all of them simultaneously and this is called Wellness Management. Science of stress physiology indicates that proper emotional stability must be ensured to tackle the ill effects of stress. Environmental influence on an individual’s health needs to be properly understood. Factors that influence the health, fitness and energy status of an individual need to be presented properly in a very befitting and finely cascading manner and should be approached with extreme caution and with maximal simplicity without use of many scientific terms. This book provides the reader a clear vision on wellness management.

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