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Wellness Lifestyle Management For Fitness, Health, and a Fulfilling Life

Author Name: Rajasekhar Kali Venkata and Sandhya Sree Meda | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

Contemporary society is affected by several non-communicable diseases mainly due to increasing inactivity. Hypokinetic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases are causing severe strain on the nations. Inactivity not only increases obesity but is also a direct factor for non-communicable diseases. Though exercise seems an effective therapeutic factor that could heavily influence the health status of individuals, physical wellness alone cannot achieve the desired health status for an individual. Other aspects like nutrition and emotional stress also play a vital role in securing proper health fitness and functional health among individuals. Even optimizing and securing financial and social wellness may also play a significant role in an individual's health status. Hence, individuals should regularly exercise, adopt proper nutritional programs that suit their daily physical routines, including exercise, and secure proper social and emotional wellness for experiencing excellent functional health and fulfilling their lives. Hence, a wellness lifestyle is a correct and apt requisite for individuals to maintain proper health and energy. Wellness lifestyle management is a complex and simultaneous process through which individuals try to achieve perfect balance among all the possible human domains like physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, financial, etc through conscious and scientific efforts. This book provides a comprehensive approach to achieving and maintaining an excellent wellness lifestyle in a very simple and also in a scientific way.

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Rajasekhar Kali Venkata and Sandhya Sree Meda

Venkata Rajasekhar Kali is a doctorate in Physical Education and sports sciences, from Annamalai University, India with super specialization in the areas of Exercise Endocrinology, Exercise Nutrition, and Advances in sports training, wellness, and lifestyle management. He worked as a Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and sports in a Professional Physical education and sports  college in Hyderabad, India before he moved on to Director of Physical Education and sports at the prestigious Central University of Hyderabad, and published a book on Physical Literacy which is first of its kind. Dr Kali is a member of the European College of Sports Sciences, Cologne, Germany, and the Athens Institute For Education and Research, Athens, Greece. Dr. Kali is an editorial board member for the International Journal for Wellness & Lifestyle Management, Athens Journal of Sports, and a review board member for several national and international journals like the International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society of Common Grounds Research Networks, University of Illinois, U.S.A.

Sandhya Sree Meda is a doctorate in Physical Education and sports sciences from Osmania University, India with specialization in the areas of Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Yoga, and Lifestyle management. She worked as a Physical Education Teacher in a Senior High School set up in Hyderabad, India, and presently working as a Lecturer in Physical Education at the Government College of Physical Education, Hyderabad, India.  Published articles in the areas of Exercise Physiology, Obesity management, and the areas of Exercise immunology relating to ultra-endurance running.



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