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Rajnish Yadav

With the infinite grace of God to say about me, it is only fair to say that I am a very inferior slave to the true nature of God and this God is my true master. If examined in the true sense, we are not even slaves of that master’s slaves. Because those who really know, recognize and meet, they are eligible to be called a slave.

I too, like you, have lost my life by getting entangled in the junk of vain whose precedence no longer seems possible. So much so that I believe that when awake, then it is morning, that the meaning of this awakening is when faith and realization of the purpose of life are attained and the determination is made to fulfil the purpose, then perhaps the vision of that master to get it.


Every work is completed according to the orders of the Supreme Truth of God. With this anticipation, Shree Mad Bhagwat Geeta (Sangeetmay) – Radhey-Shyam-Tarj is presented.


श्री मद् भगवत गीता (संगीतमय)

Books by राज दास (स्वामी निराकार सतधाम, आश्रम, बांधमऊ, बिधूना, औरैया, उत्तर प्रदेश)

श्री गुरुवे नमः


शास्त्रों के अवलोकन और महापुरुषों के मार्मिक वचनों को सुनने पर मैं इस निर्णय तक पहुंचा हूं कि संसार रुपी इस महा सागर से पार होने का श्रीमद् भगवत गीता ही एक

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