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Sekar Venkataraman

Sekar Venkataraman’s spiritual journey includes temple visits, renovation of dilapidated shrines, the welfare of priests, publication of books, presentation of essays to magazines, six blogs on the internet, radio talks and so on. His book, Temples of Forgotten Glory, on dilapidated temples, has been welcomed by readers across the world. “ Sivapathasekaran” is one of the titles bestowed on him for his contribution to the Saivite world.     Read More...

கண்டறியாதன கண்டேன்

Books by சேகர் வெங்கடராமன்

ஆன்மீக உலகிற்கு அரிய தகவல்களைத் தரும் வகையில்,அதிகம் அறியப்படாத ஆலயங்கள் , அவற்றின் திருவிழாக்கள்,தலங்களின் விரிவான வரலாறுகள், நாயன்மார்கள் மற்றும் பல மகான்கள்  பற்றிய ச

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Temples of Forgotten Glory

Books by Sekar Venkataraman

Have you, as a casual or regular tourist, returning from a strenuous entourage ever faced a zesty situation of having missed to see some characteristically important features at one or more places? No need to worry. This book saves you from such piquant situations.

The author, who has travelled extensively in his religious tours in south India who got enthused and guided by age old literary inputs, visited some of the “not so widely” known temples l

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