Sekar Venkataraman

Mr Sekar Venkataraman, aged 68, with a background of professional life as well as a philanthropic life of over 45 years is still active in visiting well-known temples and other temples of forgotten glory. He has organized restoration of several dilapidated temples and their para-facilities which include conducting mandatory religious rituals of re-consecration by mobilizing the human and other resources by his incessant attitude towards his voluntarily taken up responsibility. Noting the plight of the priests eking out a living with a meagre income in many temples, he arranged for regular monthly payment directly to the beneficiary from identified and agreed donors. Periodical honouring of priests and their spouses in a ceremonial way by gifting them new attire, adornments, cash components and feast were facilitated by him.

He has made many representations to the governing authorities for restoration of the grand old temples now in shambles. He has also fought against likely damage to a temple of archaeological importance due to revised alignment of a National Highway. He communicates his thought process in his books, in his website and in six blogs apart from scheduled talks in radio programmes besides contributing for religious magazines and newspapers. He has been honoured with appropriate titles in commemoration of his services by prominent religious bodies.


Temples of Forgotten Glory

Books by Sekar Venkataraman

Have you, as a casual or regular tourist, returning from a strenuous entourage ever faced a zesty situation of having missed to see some characteristically important features at one or more places? No need to worry. This book saves you from such piquant situations.

The author, who has travelled extensively in his religious tours in south India who got enthused and guided by age old literary inputs, visited some of the “not so widely” known temples l

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