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Shanta Jayaram, born in Jamshedpur, grew up in the Steel Township in Rourkela, Odisha .The picturesque surroundings deeply impacted her sensibilities. She calls herself a “Child of the Sal Forest” as she resided by the Koel River. She has not let the conditioning of society influence her perception of life and living. Shanta has three daughters and is happily married. She now lives in Chennai with her husband.

To Kill a Poet

Books by Shanta Jayaram

To Kill a Poet is a collection of poems, each unique and exquisite in craftsmanship. This sheaf, gives you a glimpse of a multidimensional soul, strong and passionate, seeking beauty and truth, constantly.

The poet is a wordsmith who challenges the boundaries of grammar. There is lyricism and sensuality. “Will Some Body With Me Not Dally” and “Body Feels Gold” overwhelm you with their power and leave you breathless.

Sardonic humour in the pithy lines of the “Buffalo” poems punch hard at the social malaise.

The title poem “To Kill A Poet” shakes you up. What happens when there is no freedom of thought?

Now go on a train ride on “En route Ahmedabad to Nabipur” and see what the floods do, also to “A Butterfly Rare”.

But there is heaven on Earth too. “Dulia, Rain Morn”, “Rain, God in Parts” or “Rained Night, I Drink.”

A feel of Science, Discovery? “Eyes Open Tortoise” and “Experimenting Why So?” take you on the quest.

There is more in these pages. The quest is never ending!

Watch out for new words, coined to suit the need.

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