Shantichitra was born in Chennai in 1978. Her childhood was that of travel and experiences. Her journey through India, which stretched across Nagaland to New Delhi, enriching her cultural and artistic roots has been the key factor of her creative impulse. She currently is a professor of English Literature at SRM Institute of Science and Technology at Chennai. She has a novel and many short stories to her literary credit. Her first novel The Fractals was most appreciated for the lucid and gripping narration through the vistas of rereading Indian and world mythologies. Her themes strive to stir Read More...


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Intimate Strangers

Books by Shantichitra

Like a widow spider who consumes the male once the consummation takes place the women in the novel would be devouring the men by their demands. The men would seem had no life of their own but only slogging for settling the family and yet at the end none entirely satisfied.

Raghu is a character who doesn’t have any normal human demands. This nature of Raghu annoys and puzzles his wife Anu.  To find an answer to the puzzle she embarks a journey where

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Lonely Marriages

Books by Shantichitra

Sita, a fragile woman with an estranged love life and a son with a questionable identity, seeks revenge on her friends by desiring for self, an amoral lifestyle of theirs. In the murky lane of her process of becoming what she wants to become, she learns life and its real nature.

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The Fractals

Books by Shantichitra

“This novel is an opportunity for the modern women to identify themselves. The Fractals transcends from darkness and suffocation to an immaculate breath of life. Unsullied, evoking and graced with a perfect voice.”


Writer & Activist

The Fractals is one of the greatest works of art… it’s odd that after completion it made me numb and peaceful at the same time…”



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