T.S.Shanmuga Sundaram

Tiruchirapalli Sivaraman Shanmugasundaram, whose pen name is Shiv Shankar, has been a writer for the last two decades. His first published book was in Tamil and is called Siranda Kudumba Thalaivi—meaning “An Excellent Housewife”, “His Sojourn in America” is a travelogue about what America is and the governance of its nation and the people’s customs and cultures. His other book, Five Years in Tanzania, is about his rich experiences in East Africa, where he worked as an education officer. Furthermore, he edited magazines in several colleges, where he worked anRead More...


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Books by Munaivar SHIV SHANKAR Ph.D.

The Tamil Literary work, ‘Thirukkural’ by St. Thiru Valluvar is, (we can very well call it) the world’s ‘Magnificent Literary Work of Supreme knowledge’ in Tamil (one of the many languages spoken in India). 

This Southern India Literary work is compiled by the author in such a way that it serves foreigners – ie citizens globally who are unfamiliar with the Tamil Language. The Compiler who is the author of this brief work has mounted his sel

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India’s Epic, Vyasar’s ‘Mahabharata’

Books by Shiv Shankar

Readers probably may wonder why Shiv Shankar chooses mostly ancient Puranas as themes for his books. It is because in this “Kali Yuga”, the whole world is in great turmoil. People do not bother about “Dharma”, dogmas or principles. Everywhere, there is corruption, nepotism, favoritism and partiality. In short, people do not believe in leading a righteous life.

In this scenario, a solution can only be found in ancient Sreriptures

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India’s Epic Ramayana for the youth and kids

Books by Shiv Shankar

What to write or what not to write now was in my mind after writing a few books. What to write about was the thought after the decision making. The best topic or theme to choose for the present age especially for children and youth is India’s great Epic Ramayana.” There is no panacea or remedy for the country’s ills unless the children and youth of today emulate the lives of great men of the world and life-like characters (once alive in real life accordi

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