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India’s Epic, Vyasar’s ‘Mahabharata’ FOR THE YOUTH AND KIDS

Author Name: Shiv Shankar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Readers probably may wonder why Shiv Shankar chooses mostly ancient Puranas as themes for his books. It is because in this “Kali Yuga”, the whole world is in great turmoil. People do not bother about “Dharma”, dogmas or principles. Everywhere, there is corruption, nepotism, favoritism and partiality. In short, people do not believe in leading a righteous life.

In this scenario, a solution can only be found in ancient Sreriptures and Upanishads. In this great Indian epic, we find all kinds and aspects of human beings. There is nothing under the sun that has been set aside in this immortal work.

For example, in one supreme protagonist, we find a high sense of paternal affection and respects unparalleled in mankind; he comes forward to make a big sacrifice. Another character is prepared to lead her life with her blind husband by closing her eyes with a piece of cloth throughout her life.

Villainy, cruelty, ruthless and unscrupulous attitudes are seen in another important yet evil character. The highest degree of gratitude is portrayed in another who is known for his valor and heroism. 

There are so many other attractions which will be seen with awe, wonder and admiration when anyone starts reading this great epic.

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Shiv Shankar

Tiruchirapalli Sivaraman Shanmugasundaram, whose pen name is Shiv Shankar, has been a writer for the last two decades. His first published book was in Tamil and is called Siranda Kudumba Thalaivi—meaning “An Excellent Housewife”, “His Sojourn in America” is a travelogue about what America is and the governance of its nation and the people’s customs and cultures. His other book, Five Years in Tanzania, is about his rich experiences in East Africa, where he worked as an education officer.

Furthermore, he edited magazines in several colleges, where he worked and prepared “Souvenirs” of service organizations, etc. He also writes free-verse poetry and has published many of his poems in an acclaimed literary journal, entitled Efflorescence, as a member of the Chennai Poet’s Circle.

He was awarded The Best Principal Award in 1997 by the government of Tamilnadu, instituted in memory of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the great philosopher-cum- statesman. Recently, he has turned his attention to writing for the children and youth. This is how the present publication, India’s Epic Mahabharata, is released and is currently lying in your hands for you to read and enjoy.



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