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Dr. Shree Raman Dubey, PhD

Dr. Shree Raman Dubey has a doctorate in philosophy, specializing in research management, an MBA in Financial Management & International Business in addition to being a Mechanical Engineering graduate. Has a rich experience of over 25 years in the industrial sector, management consulting and R&D. He is the author of books like Dawn to Dusk, An Essay on Humanity, bringing insight into humanity and Energy Crisis in India, A Commentary on India’s Electricity Sector, which delves into the root causes of failures in governance of Public Enterprises Management in India. In his words, “Man standiRead More...


Books by Dr. Shree Raman Dubey, PhD

A fallen leaf from the tree never goes back.

The Lesson to be learnt is that once you have been thrown out of your Character, Morals, Ethics, and so on to represent human characteristics as leaves, your Personality is just not lost partially with this fall of any attribute of leaf, but it is lost forever.

The Book is a Global Campaign Drive to Humanize Management for Ethical Organizational Management Practices with an introductory insight into NE

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Attitude In Management

Books by Dr. Shree Raman Dubey

Retrospection is a Great Natural Teacher.

Trait Management has the answers to human problems in Re-Building the Organization.

How does one humanize management and organization?

How will you, as a manager, transform organizational management practices?

Leadership and management should intersect at attitude!

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Dawn To Dusk

Books by

Life is all about ideas, attitude and action. So, why not make a difference this dawn? Believe it and you shall get it. Trust, faith and hope are the limbs of the thought you dream of from dawn to dusk. Nothing lies above your resolution to translate dusk into dawn. The spider of life invariably keeps making the web to trap the self. Like bees, life searches the nectar of nature so that the honey on earth can spread its sweetness to mankind. The garden of life

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