Shreejit Nair

Shreejit Nair is an author, an Engineer, a content writer and an IT professional. He hails from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, the abode of beauty and historicity. He perceives creativity as the amalgamation of three important things - Time, Imagination and thoughts. For him its a power beyond dimensions, a way to tackle reality and a form of one's mind. He's an enthusiastic reader, an addicted writer, a beginner guitarist, a timely blogger, and an occasional lyricist. He started with poetry and eventually came to novel writing when the story of “Rescue…Paradise to Inferno” captured his mind. Other than a full length novel he's also the owner of a short fiction entitled: “A Sparrow for you” and a short story entitled: “A cup of tea (Written for L & T Short Story competition)”. Many of his poems were published in school magazines and newspapers with the recent one (She Wished for a waterfall) finding its way to the All India poetry competition.


Books by Shreejit Nair

Samarth, a 17 year old school-going boy along with his three brothers deliberately want to get out of their routine life cycle. They want to achieve something out of the box. Every morning when the sun rises they wish to setup a flight to the horizon. Finally, one day they find a window open. A man named Iqbal, enters their life and offers them a duty for which they have to portray their patriotism and keep themselves under wraps till they remain committed tow

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