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Rescue Paradise to Inferno

by Shreejit Nair

Format: Paperback

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Samarth, a 17 year old school-going boy along with his three brothers deliberately want to get out of their routine life cycle. They want to achieve something out of the box. Every morning when the sun rises they wish to setup a flight to the horizon. Finally, one day they find a window open. A man named Iqbal, enters their life and offers them a duty for which they have to portray their patriotism and keep themselves under wraps till they remain committed towards the work they have promised. When the deal is done they looked ahead for a bright future that will raise them to unconquerable heights.

But, destiny had something different in store for them…

Shreejit has always been passionate about writing from an early age. He is currently an Engineering student and a Content Writer as well. He considers creativity as his most powerful strength as it makes him capable of perceiving ordinary things in a different manner.

“Imagination is like addiction to me and this may be the reason for my active involvement in the field of creativity”.

He is a devoted reader of romance and thriller novels. He started with poetry writing and eventually came to novel writing when the story of “Rescue…Paradise to Inferno” came into his mind. Other than full length fictions he is also interested in writing short fictions and poems. His poems were published in school magazines and newspapers with the recent one finding its entry into the All India poetry competition.

“I wish for those magical wings that will take me to new heights from where I can fly my ideas like paper planes”.








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