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Siva Krishnan

Siva Krishnan is a 27-year-old lad who works in office during the day and becomes a writer at night. Siva writes predominantly for online news portal called Berita Daily. His various article includes social and sports topics. Siva is also an active writer in Instagram at (sivakrishnan9) and he’s currently working on his first novel which touches on romance and thriller subject. He loves reading novels and aspires to be a full-time author soon.



Books by Siva Krishnan

What is more scarier than a Halloween night? (Where did Stefan approached Aria for the first time?) What is more beautiful than the new age romance? (What made Cathy to look at love differently?) What is more thrilling than a dinner date with your girlfriend’s family? (How Derek survived the ‘killer’ date?) What is more nerve wrecking than a soul flying to a different state just to see the girl he loves? (What Harvey did aftermath doing just that?) A

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Dear Destiny

Books by Siva Krishnan

Have you ever fell in love and got your heart, broken? Have you ever thought that Destiny might be playing chess in your life whereby you seem close to securing the Queen but, out of nowhere, Destiny checkmates you! Or are you one of the lucky ones where Destiny pours both of you with red wine and the chemistry sparks the very instant the wine touches both of your lips! In this book, you’ll find the emotions and perceptions towards love in different age grou

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