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Subhash C. Biswas

By profession, Subhash Biswas was a professor of physics and electrical engineering. He taught and did research in these fields at universities in Canada and India. He published many scientific articles in international magazines. Although he was entirely engaged in science and engineering during his long career, he always remained interested in works of art and literature. So, after retirement, he decided to devote time to quench his thirst for literature. He took up the pen and began writing. He has written poems, essays, autobiography and travelogues in both Bengali and English and has publRead More...


India the Tourist's Wonderland

Books by Subhash C. Biswas

India is a destination of choice for tourists from around the world. It is a country with endless diversity – cultural, religious, historical and geographical. These diversities are neatly connected by the thread of unity spun out of the Indian mind. There are countless monuments bearing evidence of civilization spread all over the country. The author has been travelling in India for many years and has chronicled his varied experience in this book. He takes

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Roads of Uncertainty

Books by Subhash C. Biswas

This is a story of a little boy growing up in a remote village of Bengal in pre-independent India. Born to a rich family, the boy, Nimchand alias Nimu, enjoyed a privileged childhood in a huge mansion. After a few years, he lost his father, and the status of the family fell from grace. Nimchand found himself thrown in rough waters in a country torn apart by the freedom movements and religious conflicts. Mother Sarojini, a fiercely strong-minded woman, steadfas

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