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India the Tourist's Wonderland Where the Monuments Speak of Art, History and Mythology

Author Name: Subhash C. Biswas | Format: Paperback | Genre : Travel | Other Details

India is a destination of choice for tourists from around the world. It is a country with endless diversity – cultural, religious, historical and geographical. These diversities are neatly connected by the thread of unity spun out of the Indian mind. There are countless monuments bearing evidence of civilization spread all over the country. The author has been travelling in India for many years and has chronicled his varied experience in this book. He takes you from Dwarka, the city of Lord Krishna in Gujarat, to the enchanting foothills of the Himalayas in North Bengal and from the mountainous beauty of the Kangra valley to the towering temples of Tamil Nadu. On your way, you will visit the unforgettable sculptural display in Khajuraho, which bewilders the spectator with its extraordinary artistic concepts and skill. You will watch the beautiful Betwa river gently flowing past the forts and palaces and be spellbound by the fantastic Ganga Aarti while floating on the Ganges in Varanasi. The magnificent Jyotirlinga temples will amaze you with a spell of spirituality. You will be astonished by the outstanding Islamic architecture in the small town of Mandu. The great mosques of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and many historic churches will make you wonder about India’s cultural diversity. This book, enriched with historical and mythological facts, will keep you pleasantly engaged from page one to the last.

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Subhash C. Biswas

By profession, Subhash Biswas was a professor of physics and electrical engineering. He taught and did research in these fields at universities in Canada and India. He published many scientific articles in international magazines. Although he was entirely engaged in science and engineering during his long career, he always remained interested in works of art and literature. So, after retirement, he decided to devote time to quench his thirst for literature. He took up the pen and began writing. He has written poems, essays, autobiography and travelogues in both Bengali and English and has published them in North American as well as Kolkata magazines. He has also published three books of poems, a travelogue and a book of autobiography. His latest book, Roads of Uncertainty, has been upheld with praise by the readers’ community.