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No Half Measures

Author Name: Jennifer Nandi | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Travel | Other Details

“This book is the next best thing to going birdwatching with Jennifer. Read it for the sheer pleasure of going travelling in the wild with an informed, engaging guide.”
- Pradip Krishen, Author of Trees of Delhi and Jungle Trees of Central India

Tasked with steering a very important client through an area of unrest and insurgency, Jennifer embarks on a thrilling adventure to navigate uncharted territories on the edge of India’s map. 

The region has a rich tapestry of diverse ethnicities that contribute to our nation’s cultural mosaic. Armed with an appreciation of Natural History and its ability to raise one’s consciousness to the wider world, Pete and Jennifer, through shared exploration, experience things out of their normal frame of reference.

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Jennifer Nandi

Jennifer is one of those lucky ones who sees herself in a job that isn’t a job, full of excitement where she is the director of that excitement. Through love and passion for her profession as a guide, and her belief that travelling should always be an extraordinary experience, Jennifer has lived her life honing her instinct in the face of true adventure where uncertainty and unpredictability are her constant companions. By increasing her self-efficacy to take informed risks and not be constrained by unfounded fear and insecurities, by infusing her guiding tours with natural history nuggets, she reveals with clarity the beautiful chaos that fills one with wonder, trepidation, beauty, and mystery. This is indeed her favourite thing to do. 

She lives in her home in Greater Noida.  Her son, Sanjay Nandi lives in London, and her daughter, Anjali Nandi in Colorado. 



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