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The 7 AHAs Every Traveler Should Have Find Peace, Confidence, and Happiness on Your Journeys

Author Name: Jonathan Legg | Format: Paperback | Genre : Travel | Other Details

Are you traveling the wrong way?

Are your trips fun but not life-changing?

Does it feel like something is missing?

You could come back, from all your travels, a more courageous, empowered, and loving version of yourself. You could return as a leader, ready to create positive change in your home and community. The lessons are right there, waiting for you to notice. There are friendly helpers ready to assist you, but you must recognize them (and avoid the scammers who will try to deceive you).

Whether you've never traveled or want to go deeper in your next journey, The 7 AHA's Every Traveler Should Have is your guide to getting more out of every trip. Jonathan Legg, host of The Road Less Traveled, shares practical wisdom from the remote corners of the earth.

·        What do three witches, in a panther-infested jungle, teach us about fear?

·        How can a vampire, in the catacombs beneath Paris, guide you to a better career?

·        Why is a showdown with the backgammon king of Istanbul a perfect example of resolving problems and setbacks?

This book is your guide to experiencing a world that will change you, so that you can change your world.

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Jonathan Legg

Jonathan Legg has hosted 5 seasons of The Road Less Traveled, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations worldwide. He produced and directed Food Relay, and appeared on Fear Island: Fortress of the Bears. When not filming he can be found leading small groups on adventures, flying a paraglider, and helping young men find their own empowering stories and purpose.