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Sudhakar Ghodekar

Sudhakar Ghodekar is a retired banker who retired as Senior Manager from a nationalized bank. He has been doing business in the fields of marketing consultancy, copy and content writing. He had been attached to a business school for teaching marketing as a post-graduation course in Pune University. He has written around one thousand advertisement scripts for the radio and has produced about a dozen corporate documentaries and some tv commercials. He has written and published six books and all of them have been well received by the readers.Read More...

प्रगतीचा प्रवास अज्ञाताकडे

Books by सुधाकर घोडेकर

काही लाख वर्षांपूर्वी अस्तित्वात आलेला मानववंश सर्वांगाने उत्क्रांत होत गेला. शारीरिक, बौध्दिक, सामाजिक अशा सगळ्याच गोष्टीत तो विकसित झाला आहे. सुरुवातीला अतिशय हळु गतीने हो

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