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Meera Sundararajan

The quintessential traveller, Meera, has spent a large part of her childhood on trains, travelling across the length and breadth of India with her family. Almost every journey had her sitting by the window with her face pressed against it, the wind in her hair and thoughts chugging through her head in rhythm with the chugging train.  A dreamer and a doer, Meera—the adult, has been working with the non-profit sector in India for over three decades, trying to bring about social and economic change. Much of her work involves travelling across the country to villages and obscure towns Read More...

Bridges and Crossings

Books by Meera Sundararajan

Life, they say, is like a journey that takes us through different phases. But sometimes, a journey by itself can translate into experiences that remain with us for life. Each one of us can remember at least one experience from a train journey.We run into people–faces—from the past whom we may want to avoid, new faces, strangers that seem attractive, unknown hands reaching out to help and unbelievable relationships that start to unfold.

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Mistaken Identity

By Meera Sundararajan in General Literary | Reads: 102 | Likes: 0

She knew Gaurav had a twin brother. But nothing prepared her for the shock when she first saw him. He had not come for their marriage. Well, actually no one from either of their families had!  They had defied tradition and had a registered marriage, with only a handful of friends in attendance.  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 03:21 PM

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