Dr. Sushma Ahuja is an M.A. in History and Ph.D. in Temple Architecture of Hadoti. She has more than 38 years of teaching experience and many years of research experience in the field of Temple Architecture. She is a life member of the Indian History and Culture Society and has presented many papers at national and international seminars, conferences and workshops on our rich heritage, its protection and conservation. She has been the principal of J.D.B. Govt. Girls Commerce College, Kota. She has also been the course coordinator for many years for the School of Heritage, Tourism, Museology anRead More...



Books by डॅा. सुषमा आहूजा

कला का उद्देश्य जीवन के लिये है, वह कोई उद्देश्यहीन साधना नहीं हैं। यह भारत के दर्शन व मूल्यबोध की सुंदर अभिव्यक्ति है जिसे कलाकार ने अनुभव किया और जो वह दर्शक तक पहुंचाना चाहता

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Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Books by Dr. Sushma Ahuja

This is a comprehensive, iconographic, aesthetic and artistic study of the female figurine at the temples of Hadoti, Ellora and Khajuraho. It describes in detail the temple sculptures through a comparative analysis of their contents and techniques. It traces the development of symbolic imagery and the artistic tradition of that site, while at the same time highlighting those statues or panels which are the most authentic artworks of their style and the symbol

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