Tarun Shyam Bajaj is a science graduate and pharmacist by profession. He is fond of reading books since childhood and has always dreamed of becoming a writer. He is fulfilling his dream through this book which is a collection of three stories penned down by him.Read More...


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“क्या वर्षों से बंजर पड़ी जमीन ऋण चुका पायेगी उस नन्ही चिड़िया का जिसका शव उसकी देह पर पड़ा बार बार बंजर जमीन को इस विचार से विचलित कर रहा है कि चिड़िया कि आत्मा स्वर्ग सिधारी होगी या

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By Tarun in Science Fiction | Reads: 5,073 | Likes: 24

May 1,  6 am Yamuna vihar,Florence society , Block C  ,Flat no.303 As the clock hit 6 , mr vasudev  woke up as per his daily routine , sat straight and was about to stretch his hands  when suddenly he remembered the sweet threat of his betterhalf which forbid him from waking up  Read More...

Published on Jul 10,2022 11:32 PM

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