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Vani Kabir

Vani Kabir, lovingly known as ‘The Divorce Monk’ is a writer at heart. She is someone who has the gift of words and the art of using them meticulously to create magic in the hearts of her readers. Her divorce changed her life but for the better. Vani Kabir is the recipient of numerous global advertising awards like Cannes Gold, The One Show Design, New York festivals and more, as a copywriter. She works actively with people who are going through divorce or heading towards one. She also helps people rebuild their life post-divorce trauma. She talks about divorce and its effects allRead More...


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UnMarry Me

Books by Vani Kabir

Unmarry Me is a collection of uncommon poems explaining common hurtful emotions that come with divorce; emotions that one constantly try to forget but find it hard to do so. It’s a faithful read for those late nights when you lie awake in your bed and are all alone. Every poem will make you relive a moment and each exercise in the book will help you let go of it.  This book is that understanding partner that you always longed for. So, begin your aff

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